Other Legal Services

Notary Public/Commissioner of Oaths

Co-habitation Agreements

which can be a great tool to avoid future issues. They can be useful in many situations, such as for unrelated parties purchasing a home together, partners who will be co-habitating for the first time, or partners who will be getting married soon.

Other Civil Litigation

including, but not limited to, civil restraining orders, surrogate matters, and mobile home site tenancy disputes.

“We had a long on going dispute and finally we had reached the conclusion that we had to pursue the matter legally. We had consulted a lawyer who listened to our concerns and thankfully told us that he was not the right lawyer to represent us, in fact he said...”you need to talk to Melissa Erickson at Erickson Law!” We arranged a consultation with Melissa and she agreed to represent us. A course of action was discussed and then implemented. Melissa and her staff worked tirelessly on drafting court documents and exploring options. All of this done in a efficient and timely manner to maximize results, while keeping the costs within reason. Melissa is personable, knowledgeable, and has a keen eye for detail. She pursued all opinions and left no stone unturned. She conducted herself admirably in all aspects of representing our case. Not only were we completely successful in our litigation, we also received reimbursement from the defendant for court costs. Melissa restored our faith in the legal system when we were at a loss as to which direction to pursue. If you’re in need of a barrister committed to success, look no further. Thank you to Erickson Law for leading by example. A job well done!"

The Carnegie Family